Eléonore Hendricks was born and lives in NYC.

Smith College BA
Goldsmiths University, London

Movie Maker Magazine: How to Cast Strangers in Your Film – article written by Eléonore Hendricks, feature, Aug. 2021

Casting and Street Casting:
"Untitled Pine Ridge Film” Feature Film Directed by Riley Keough and Gina Gammel, 2022 - Casting Director
"Uncut Gems” Feature Film Directed by The Safdie Brothers, 2019 - Casting Scout
"Giants Being Lonely” Feature Film Directed by Grear Patterson, 2019 - Casting Director
"EUPHORIA” Television Series Directed by Sam Levinson, 2019 - Street Casting
"Jay Z: Marcy Me” Music Video Directed by The Safdie Brothers, 2017 - Street Casting
"Good Time” Feature Film Directed by The Safdie Brothers, 2017 - Street Casting
"American Honey” Feature Film Directed by Andrea Arnold, 2016 - Casting Scout
"Teenage” feature film Directed by Matt Wolf, 2013 - Casting Director
Songs My Brothers Taught Me” Feature Film Directed by Chloé Zhao, 2013 - Co-Casting Director
Stand Clear of the Closing Doors” Feature Film Directed by Sam Fleischner, 2012 - Co-Casting Director
"Beasts of the Southern Wild" Feature Film Directed by Benh Zeitlin, 2012- Acting Coach
The Black Balloon” Short Film Directed by Josh and Benny Safdie, 2012 – Co-Casting Director
Gimme the Loot” Feature Film Directed by Adam Leon, 2012 – Associate Casting Director
Girls” HBO show directed/created by Lena Dunham- 2012 Additional Casting, Final Episode
Daddy Longlegs” Feature Film Directed by Josh and Benny Safdie – 2009 -Additional Casting
Killer” short film Directed by Adam Leon and Jack Riccobono, 2009- Casting Director
The Pleasure Of Being Robbed” a Feature Film Directed by Josh Safdie 2008 – Additional Casting
Little Minx: She Walked Calmly Disappearing Into the Darkness” Short Film Directed by Malik Saayed, 2008 – Co-Casting Director
Billy the Kid” Documentary Feature Directed by Jennifer Venditti, 2007 - Casting
Bug Crush” Short Film Directed by Carter Smith, 2006 – Casting Assistant
The House is Burning” Feature Film Directed by Holger Ernst, 2006 – Additional Casting

When You're Finished Saving The World” Dir. Jesse Eisenberg. 2021
The Little Prince of New York” Dir. Sam Stillman. 2021
The Mountain” Dir. Rick Alverson. 2018
To The Night” Dir. Peter Brunner. 2018
Honeybee” Dir. Sam Stillman. 2018
Person to Person” Dir. Dustin Guy Defa. 2017
The Show About The Show” Dir. Caveh Zahedi. 2015
Come Down Molly” Dir. Greg Kohn. 2015
Songs My Brothers Taught Me” Dir. Chloe Zhao. 2015
Stinking Heaven” Dir. Nathan Silver. 2015
Heaven Knows What” Dir. Josh Safdie and Benny Safdie. 2014
Boulevard” Dir. Dito Montiel. 2014
Wild Canaries” Dir. Lawrence Michael Levine. 2014
Heartland” Dir. Josh Safdie. 2013
Nancy, Please” Dir. Andrew Semans. 2012
The Black Balloon” Dir Josh and Benny Safdie. 2012
Northeast” Dir. Gregory Kohn. 2012
Kuichisan” Dir. Maiko Endo. 2011
The Dish and The Spoon” Dir Alison Bagnall 2011
Bad Fever” Dir. Dustin Guy Defa. 2011
Daddy Longlegs” Dir. Josh and Benny Safdie. 2010
Jules and Candy” Dir Joseph Quirk. 2010
Nowhere Kids” Dir. Eric Juhola. 2009
Ten: Thirty One” (Short) Dir. Gabe Fazio & Lev Gorn. 2008
The Pleasure of Being Robbed” Dir. Josh Safdie. 2008
Bad Biology” Dir. Frank Henenlotter. 2008
The House is Burning” Dir. Holger Ernst. 2007
Bug Crush” (Short) Dir. Carter Smith. 2006
A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints” Dir. Dito Montie. 2006
Atomic Tabasco” (Short) Dir. James Cox. 1999

Film Awards and Accolades:
2015: Best Actress, Port Townsend Film Festival, "Come Down Molly"
2009: Best Actress, Ourense Independent Film Festival, “Ten: Thirty-One”
2008: Best Acting, Entrevues Film Festival, “The Pleasure of Being Robbed”
1999: Special Recognition, Best Performance, Aspen Shorts Fest, “Atomic Tabasco”

AOL Artists 25 for 25 Grant recipient 2010

We Are Wild – interview and feature, 2011
"Revel in New York", interview and feature, 2011
The Dirty Durty, City Sketches interview by Natalie Guevara, 2010
Artist Advocacy interview, 2010
Uhier interview by Coco Pastis, 2010

Group Shows
Capricious, “New York Did It To Me”, Featured in the New York Photo Festival, 2011
New Work, New York” Curated by Tim Barber with the Levis Photo Workshop 2010
A Better History” at American Standard Gallery, 2009
Tiny Vices” curated by Tim Barber at Spencer Brownstone Gallery, 2006

Urban Outfitters Catalogue, “Back to School” 2011

Print Advertising & Editorial
Publications: Arena Hommes +, Issue, New York, Purple, Vibe, W Magazine
Advertising: Aveda, Barney’s, Benetton, The Gap, Joe Fresh, Levi’s, Marlboro, Urban Outfitters
Photographers: Tina Barney, Kenneth Cappello, Richard Kern, Ari Marcopolous, Terry Richardson, David Sims, Joseph Szabo, Alec Soth, Martynka Wawrzyniak and Bruce Weber.

"A Better History""A Better History" "Looker" 2004-2006